Master Bill Smith currently holds the rank of fifth degree black belt, making him the most advanced the member of our dojo. He is a caring instructor who takes a personal interest in the development of our students. Having started his training at 50 years of age, Master Smith serves as a great role model for adults who might think that they are too old to study the martial arts. Physical fitness was the aspect of the training that he enjoyed the most in his early years in the studio. Now as an advanced black belt, Master Smith has a greater appreciation for learning new things while also deepening his knowledge of what he’s been taught in past lessons.

Master Smith enjoys watching new members learn and grow into great students. His greatest satisfaction from teaching arises from seeing students becoming more self-assured in their personal lives through the confidence that they gain from our classes. Mr. Smith believes in giving back through teaching others what has been handed down to him.

When he’s not at the studio, Master Smith takes pleasure in his retirement in gardening, camping, hunting, and fishing.