Stress Management/ Meditation Program

Do you having trouble sleeping?
Do sometimes feel swept up and carried away by the events of the day?
Do you often times feel fatigue?

Personal sessions are available in our Stress Management/ Meditation Program.

The Intended Purpose of the program is to make available insights and practices from both the Ancient Wisdom Traditions and Modern Western Science that promote the conditions for healing Body, Mind, and Spirit.

The benefits you will experience in the program will include:

  • How to develop a meditative(Qi Gong) practice. (Includes CDs to support your at-home practice) 

  • Exercises to expand your daily perspective as a way to minimize stresses and find greater enjoyment in your day.

  • How to recognize when stresses are effecting you before they become a problem.

  • Simple energy enhancing techniques that you can use to start your day or at any time you feel tired.